Month: May 2020

Jewels in the portraits of the 18th Century

The significance attributed to the various objects the elites used to surround themselves with has recently enjoyed a growing interest from some sectors of the scientific community. Silverware, jewelry and fabrics are joined by portraits of themselves or their ancestors revealing the significance of various objects. Jewelry was of extremely importance In fact, the making …

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The Kutchinsky family started their business in 1893 when Hirsch Kutchinsky arrived in England having fled Poland along with his son Morris and other members of the family.  They already had many years of experience in the trade, having been the court jewellers of Ludwig of Bavaria, and wasted no time in opening up a …


Art Deco Earrings

From delicate drops to circular clusters, Art Deco earrings reflect the streamlined yet elegant sensibilities of the movement: bold colors, geometric patterns, and extended ornamentation. One gemstone frequently used in jewelry during that era, which lasted from mid-1920s to late 1930s, was the diamond. Art Deco Earrings Glistening with inset diamonds that enveloped precious pearls, …

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