Diamonds: An attractive investment

Few precious stones hold such universal fascination as diamonds. Their unique shine has captivated human beings for thousands of years – more precisely, since 400BC, when its extraction began in India.


Symbolizing power, the eternity quality of love, truth, transparency, purity and immortality, this pure carbon crystal follows the history of humankind. In Ancient Rome, just like in India, diamonds were used as talismans to protect those who wore them. Diamonds were considered by the Arabs, Persians, and Egyptians to bring good luck.


In what refers to their value, diamonds can reach market prices that are nothing less than extraordinary. However, there is a set of criteria that, when fulfilled, guarantee that a diamond is considered valuable. Namely, its colour, which is graded from D to Z (D being the grade attributed to diamonds that are the closest possible to being colourless – as for coloured diamonds, the ones we call ‘fancy’ diamonds, that is a whole different matter); its clarity, which has to do with the amount of inclusions the diamond presents (this grading varies from the desired F – ‘flawless’ – and I3, in which inclusions are several and visible); its cut grading, which defines the way the diamond was cut so as to enhance its ‘fire’, maximizing the intensity of its shine; and its carat weight, the bigger diamonds being rarer. Considering these factors, we can easily understand that a diamond which combines good gradings in all the criteria can be extremely valuable – and, therefore, a good investment.

However, in considering investing in diamonds, specialized advice is always essential, and therefore, the role of an authorized expert, who evaluates the gem or the work of a diamond jeweller with the required precision and safety, is crucial.


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