Collecting Silver

Craftsmanship of silver

Craftsmanship of silver is a decorative art in which the mastery and creative genius of craftsmen has been reaching new levels of excellence in every work they make thought the centuries. Silver works, with their subtle shine, not only contribute to create an exquisite decoration, but also to create a compelling drive to collect them.


In fact, is possible to build a valuable and diverse collection of Silverware. The collector has the opportunity to acquire  works from a determined era, place or style – such as XVIII century Portuguese pieces –  he may prefer the creations of a specific master (João Coelho de Sampaio, António Firmo da Costa or Manuel Roque Ferrão) or the collector may even choose to focus his attention on a determined kind of work, distinct for its functional characteristics (silver platters, chandeliers, candle holders, toothpick holders, etc.).

The possibilities in collecting wonderful works made of silver are vast.

It is precisely because of this that when acquiring silverware with a purpose of investment, it is imperative that one may want to ally a strong knowledge of both historic and geographic aspects of each work and the master crafters that produced them. Always focusing on acquiring a specific type of work that reflects a specific investor profile.

Selection of Silverworks

Here at J.Baptista, were are experts in Jewellery. Having not only the needed historic knowledge to appreciate any silverwork, as well as the technical knowledge of their making. We know the best Portuguese and Foreign Master Craftsmen, such as Master Jean Puiforcat, and can identify every quality work that has been made. With that in mind, we can always advise you on making the best possible choices in your acquisitions.

Presented in our catalogue is a vast selection of silverworks. We have collected some of the best examples of works from different eras, makers and styles of this noble and valuable decorative art.