Sapphires: An extraordinary gem

Sapphires are a variation of a corundum, occurring in various colours. As a matter of fact, the designation of “sapphire” is given to all the corundum with gem quality, with the exception of the red – which are called rubies.


In nature, a sapphire exists in colourless, blue (colour appearance given by the presence of iron Fe3+ and titanium), purple, pink, yellow, green, white, and many other colour variations, depending on the presence of certain chemical elements (such has iron, titanium, chromium and cobalt). The blue variant of sapphires tends to be the most desired. But in fact, the famous “Padparacha” sapphire, in which can go from pinkish to orange in tone, is highly valorised.


There are sapphires of great quality found in countries such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam or India. The sapphires from Kashmir, of blue tone and “velvet” quality, which are very famous and highly sought after, have come to be very hard to find since their production has halted. The ones that originate from Sri Lanka are also famous, being popularly known has “Ceilan Sapphires”.


Spiritual and symbolical meanings have been attributed to this gem. In Antiquity it was believed it was a wisdom stone. Representing purity and energy, it is also the gem of soul peace, with its use being recommended in meditational practices. This gem also represents a certain spiritual depth, which echoes the depth of its own blue colour.

Famous Sapphires

Some fine examples of extraordinary sapphires include the “Star of India”, with more than 560ct, the “Star of Asia” (330ct) or the “Logan” (424ct). Even with a smaller size, a sapphire in an engagement ring has a special kind of wonder. In particular, the ring of Lady Diana, gifted to her by Charles, the Prince of Wales; or the sapphire that embellished the engagement ring given to Joséphine de Beauharnais, by her future husband, Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1796.

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