Pearls symbolize the purity and the beauty of love

The “Queen of Jewels”

Also called the “Queen of Gems”, the pearl is one of the oldest and most appreciated gems in the world. Pearls are from the materials that were earlier used for personal adornment. The earliest writings that mention pearls date from around 2000 BC. Pearls have been much appreciated since antiquity. The name “pearl” comes from the Latin pirla, short for pyre, a word with the meaning of “teardrop shape”. For the Romans the pearl was a symbol of love.


It is not known for sure who exactly discovered them, but during the Middle Ages, in the 13th and 14th centuries, many countries in Europe prohibited by law that ordinary people could use pearls, reserving them only to those who were part of the aristocracy.

The Ideal Gift After the French Revolution, when discriminatory laws were abolished, pearls came to be considered the ideal gifts of engagement and marriage, for inspiring beauty and innocence.

Jacqueline Kennedy

One of the great personalities of the 20th century, whose life was marked by politics, tragedy, glory, and wealth, made pearls her mark. Jacqueline Kennedy; an icon of modern elegance, she almost always wore the famous three-round necklace and a pair of pearl solitaire earrings, of course.

Golden pearls are the rarest and most valuable!

A golden cultured pearl takes an average of five years to produce and can cost up to 50% or more than a white specimen. Twenty years ago, Jacques Branellec started working on the cultivation and genetic improvement of oysters in the Philippines to obtain these rarities.