Tiffany & Co. is an American company specialized in the design and commerce of jewels.  It was founded in New York on 18th September 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young, denominated Tiffany, Young and Ellis. The present name started to be used in 1853, when Charles Tiffany took control of the company.

The Blue Book

The first jewellery collection presented by Tiffany, “Palais Royal”, was presented in a catalogue named “The Blue Book”, published for the first time in 1845, it has been published every year ever since with new jewellery collections designed by prestigious designers like:

Important Designers

  • Jean Schlumberger invited to be the brand’s exclusive designer
  • The italian designer Elsa Peretti in 1974
  • In 1980, John Loring, then brand’s Creative Director invited his friend Paloma Picasso to work in the company.

International Recognition

With the years the store grew with the city, becoming an integral part of the celebrated moments in the life of its clients.  Birthday gifts, silver pieces, engagement rings and even baby items were found on its shelves, as well as, wedding list services.  International recognition arrived in 1867.  During the Universal Paris Exibition, the brand was awarded the prize “Silver Quality”, something new to the American houses of design up to that date, which put Tiffany in the same level as the traditional European jewellery houses.

Satisfactory results

The secret to such satisfactory results is due to the marketing strategies; the brand expansion in emerging markets like Asia and America and in the continuous launching of innovative products.


One hundred years have passed and the brand maintains its tradition of drawing perfect intemporal designs, to be used in all occasions.  Any piece with a TIFFANY & CO. signature carries an innovative design, a meticulous choice of materials, and design of the highest level of quality.  It was due to this mix that the brand transformed itself in a household name for good taste, glamour and elegance in the world.


Tiffany is recognized for its contemporary sophistication and explendid collections that make us all dream.  No other brand has put so much effort in creating pieces that symbolize love, romance and eternal connections as Tiffany.

Eternal Flame

When we talk about Tiffany it’s impossible to transmit all beauty, exuberance and eclectic sophistication that it’s part of the brand. It’s fascinating collections are executed with perfection, lighted up by an eternal flame.