Portuguese jewelry: the new life

Portuguese jewelry, in contrast with a recent reality that led to the decrease of investment. Is now going through a phase of renewal and growth.

The analysis made by AORP (the Portuguese Association of Goldsmith and Watchmaking), based on the data collected within the sector. Points towards a moment of renewal and international projection, and of “accelerated growth, reaching record volumes of business and exports”.

We’re facing a true spirit of renewal of the traditional industry. More and more influenced by the bet in modernization and differentiation of the pieces. Without losing the authenticity of techniques and drawings inherited from the tradition of Portuguese jewelry.

Besides the commercialization of second-hand pieces, many of which with an obvious historical importance. There is also a new type of jewelry that doesn’t completely assume a commercial character, and which gets its inspiration in the world of contemporary art.

Within it, the disposition towards experimentation and creativity translate in a growing offer or author brands. Which associate themselves with the quality of the training of the Portuguese professionals.

The connection of this new jewelry to the quest for personal expression. As well as the new fashion trends and consumption, enables to reach a wider public, one that is particularly attentive and interested.

The goldsmith and jewelry pieces created in Portugal have also been gaining more supporters abroad. They are more and more exported to several external markets, either in Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy or Switzerland), Asia (Hong Kong being an example), or the American continent (USA).