Month: February 2020

craftsmanship of silver

Collecting Silver

Craftsmanship of silver Craftsmanship of silver is a decorative art in which the mastery and creative genius of craftsmen has been reaching new levels of excellence in every work they make thought the centuries. Silver works, with their subtle shine, not only contribute to create an exquisite decoration, but also to create a compelling drive …

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Anel Mauboussin

Mauboussin Ring

History Mauboussin, one of the great Jewellery houses of Paris, has its origins in the House Noury, founded in 1827. In 1877, Georges Mauboussin (1862-1940) became an apprentice in the jewellery company of his uncle, Jean-Baptiste Noury, becoming in 1883 the creative director and, in 1903, its sole owner. In 1922, the House changes its …

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Diamonds: An attractive investment

Few precious stones hold such universal fascination as diamonds. Their unique shine has captivated human beings for thousands of years – more precisely, since 400BC, when its extraction began in India. Symbolism Symbolizing power, the eternity quality of love, truth, transparency, purity and immortality, this pure carbon crystal follows the history of humankind. In Ancient …

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Pulseira David Webb

David Webb Bracelet

History David Webb (1925-1975) was an important North-American jeweller. Born in North Carolina, this self-taught master first got into jewellery by working in his uncle’s jewellery craft shop. Webb moved to New York, where his unique creativity was soon noticed. He opened his own jewellery shop in 1945. The ‘golden years’ of his production are …

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La Peregrina

Few pearls gave origin to such enthusiasm and even obsession like the internationally known “La Peregrina”.It is believed that this pear-shaped pearl is one of the most symmetrical natural pearls ever to be found. It is rich in history, glamour and folklore. History From a path to freedom to an extraordinary Valentine’s day gift, this …

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